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Your landscape won’t be dried out even if you’re away from home for extended periods of time. Additionally, you can protect your investment in your plants that may get over or under watered when someone else forgets to water them at the proper intervals while you’re away.

Some systems even have a computerized rain meter that can detect if it’s rained recently and can evaluate whether or not your lawn needs to be watered, an awesome feature to have here in Oregon. You’ve got to love modern technology!

Why is it so popular? While convenience is one of the biggest reasons for choosing to install an irrigation system, it’s also about protecting your investment.

When it comes to making sure that your lawn is getting enough water there’s no such thing as being too prepared. There’s nothing worse during a hot summer to have a brown or soggy lawn because of over/under watering.

You may assume having an automatic sprinkler system installed as part of your landscape will be a great expense. You might even wonder if it’s worth the effort and costs.

In fact, having an automated sprinkler system will cost you much less in time and wasted water than doing your watering by hand.

If you’re considering putting in a new automated sprinkler system on your property, you’ll be pleased to know that, depending on which system you get, the initial cost will quickly be offset by the savings in wasted water and physical time.

Automated sprinkler systems are inherently designed to know exactly how much water your lawn requires and as such prevents wasting water if you accidentally forget to turn off the system.

On top of being able to effectively determine your water needs, an automated sprinkler system is incredibly efficient at maintaining proper levels of moisture for the various types of plants and vegetation on your property.

When the system is set up it’s designed with the intention of providing exactly what your landscape needs whether it’s a garden, grass, bushes, shrubbery, potted plants, planter boxes or trees.

Special sprinkler heads (including bubbler systems) can be used to auto water potted plants or planter boxes in your landscape without overwatering or flooding topsoil.

A proper system takes its cues from your landscaping needs and works with nature to ensure optimal health, even during unexpected dry periods.

Imagine the convenience of being able to enjoy your leisure time without having to worry about watering your landscape at the correct times. You can make plans around your schedule, not around the needs of your landscape.

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Irrigation, or automatic sprinkler systems, are a very popular and cost effective landscaping option. This is something our team of specialists enjoys providing for our clients.

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